The Mission of the Church // 1 Timothy 1:12-20

Sep 17
Every church and every organization has a mission statement, a vision statement, core values, a strategy. Often, those words are just words on a wall or a piece of paper. But, to be a truly Irresistible church, as we said last week, we need to know why we exist and why our church is needed in this time and place. Not only that, once we know why the church exists, we begin to see why we exist and God’s purpose for us. as we continue our series Irresistible in 1 Timothy, we’ll look at 1 Timothy 1:11 – 20 and see God’s mission for our church.

*Note from Josh: In this message at 18:40, I misspoke and said that our church was in the preservation stage when we were in the maintenance stage. To understand more of what that means, you can read this. Thank you for your grace and understanding.
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