We exist to see people and places changed by Christ.

Our Vision

Our mission is on display as we:

Demonstrate Intentional Public Witness

Our prayer is to see 300 people declare their life has been changed by Christ through baptism.

Provide a Clear Pathway for Growth

Our prayer is to see 300 people grow with us through our Growth Track.

Care for the Last, Least, and Lost

Our prayer is to see 50+% of our church actively engaged or creating missional change in our region.

Invest in the Next Generation

Our prayer is to see 1,000 unique children participate in our kids and student environments and retreats.

These four vision statements are what capture our time, energy, and most of all, our prayer as a church.


Our Values

The scriptures lay out the marks of a life changed by Christ:


Our identity and satisfaction is found in Jesus.


We were created for interdependent relationships.


We were created to participate in the restoration of all things.

Our Beliefs

At Community Covenant we choose to major on the majors and minor on the minors.  This means we have closed handed beliefs that unify us and open handed beliefs that diversify us.

Our Leadership



At Community Covenant we have an Elder governed, staff led, and volunteer operated structure.  Our Elders are responsible for setting the vision for each 3-5 year season, our staff leads the charge, and our volunteers move us towards that vision.

Click here to read more about he role of an Elder at CCC.

If you have a question about the doctrine or the direction of the church, email [email protected].

Our Staff

Gregg Caruso
Intentional Interim Pastor

[email protected]

Chris Lindberg
Worship and Spiritual Formation Pastor

[email protected]

Barbara Mammano
Community Life Director

[email protected]

Frank and Katie Lucas
Family Ministries Pastor

[email protected]
[email protected]

Marcel Laporte
Facilities Director

[email protected]

Susan Leatherwood
Administrative Coordinator

[email protected]