Leadership and Influence // 1 Timothy 5:17-25

Nov 5
All of us have influence, whether we realize it or not. There are people in our lives who look to us for advice, guidance, and input. Whether they are a child, spouse, friend, parent or co-worker. We also look to people around us for advice, guidance and input. 

But how do we know if we are the right influencer in our world? How do we know if we are getting the right influence from others?

That’s what we saw this week as we looked at 1 Timothy 5:17 – 25. On the surface, this might not seem like an important topic, but the reality is that we become like the people who influence us, and as people become like us, we influence them. 

There is a lot at stake as we think about our world and the relationships we have and how to live lives of influence that are truly Irresistible!
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