Year-End Giving Opportunity Letter

December 12, 2019 | Gregg Caruso

Dear Community Covenant Church Family:

As the Advent Season dawns upon us, I wanted to provide you with a review of what we have accomplished to date in our transition season. With prayerful input from the Elders, Staff, and the Financial Advisory Board (FAB), I have written a blog post detailing some significant accomplishments since September 1st. You can read it by clicking here.

We are excited to hold a “State of the Church Sunday” on January 12th. We are planning one service at 9:30 am with food to follow (TBD) to provide us with a 2020 game plan based on a fresh sense of vision as well as the recommendations from the VCM diagnostic report. Included in our 2020 Vision and game plan will be the opportunity for everyone who desires to have input into the future of CCC to be able to do so.

End of Year Giving Opportunity

While we continue to marvel at God’s faithful financial provision for CCC, we have been operating with a very slim financial cushion over the past few years, perhaps two weeks of average expenses. One of the first recommendations of the FAB has been to invite you to prayerfully consider a year-end gift over-and-above your normal giving to provide a resource cushion as we begin the new year. This will greatly aid in our ability to begin to engage in some long-term planning.

Giving Options

We continue to offer three options to give: online giving, the giving boxes located at the rear of the Worship Center, and text-to-give (84321). In order to distinguish between general giving and your year-end gift we ask that your year-end gift be either in check form (please indicate “End of Year” on the memo line) or online (choose “End of year offering…” from the dropdown menu).

 If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email the FAB at [email protected].

My prayer is that during this Advent Season that we all have a fresh encounter with the God who is alive and available. Jesus condescended to leave the comfort, majesty, and perfection of heaven to take on human form to live a perfectly obedient life so that we could have access to a perfectly holy God. Wow.

It is an absolute joy for me to serve with you at CCC,

Pastor Gregg



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