Town Hall Meeting — Feb 9, 2020

February 15, 2020 | Gregg Caruso

Updates on some behind-the-scenes activity at CCC…

If I (Pastor Gregg) had to reduce the recent VitalChurch Ministry diagnostic report to just one word, that word would be koinonia, the Greek word that is most often translated “fellowship” in the New Testament. Overall, the report is inviting those of us who call CCC our home church, to move toward a deeper engagement, transparency, and honesty before God and one another.

Biblical koinonia is breaking off a piece of yourself–the good, the bad, and the ugly–and sharing it; all the while asking, “will you still love, accept, and forgive me when you encounter the real me?”  –Gregg Caruso

I have noticed multiple instances in our church where God is pressing people to be honest about woundedness, besetting sins, idols of the heart, etc. We desire to be a church where it’s okay to not be okay–but it’s not okay to languish there.

Additional happenings… 
  • The Elders have accepted the 10 recommendations from the VitalChurch Report and we are actively generating plans to accomplish the recommendations in a timely way.
  • Ryan Gaouette has stepped aside from the Elder team for a season. It has to do with a crazy commute and margin issues.
  • The FAB is continuing to meet regularly and their input has been to make a change in our outsourced bookkeeping and payroll service. And they are continuing to develop financial policies and procedures. (If anyone has some bookkeeping experience and would like to volunteer a few hours a week please let us know.)
  • We would also like to put together a social media team. If you’d like to be involved please let me know.
  • Our newly formed Transition Team is planning an all-church Summit for March 8 from 4-6:30 pm with dinner included. You’ll hear more about that beginning next week.
  • We are planning a 3-day fast for Feb 24-26 and breaking the fast with soup and bread in the café and then moving into the worship center for a time of worship and prayer. (Check out an intro to fasting here.)
  • We continue to update and improve our church-wide communication, including the weekly e-news, Pastor’s Blog, and this month we will begin to add monthly financial updates in the bulletin. (Sign up for the weekly e-News here.)
  • We are continuing to update staff job descriptions.
  • We will be seeking elder nominations in the next couple of months. Stay tuned.


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