Dorcas International

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island has put out an urgent plea for volunteers as they work to prepare homes for 250 refugees from various countries who will be moving to Rhode Island over the next few months. We are blessed to be able to partner with Dorcas International as they clean and organize apartments for families who will be arriving soon.

Your help is needed! Register here to be part of a CCC team to create a welcoming home for a refugee family. Teams of 12-15 people will be responsible to deliver and move furniture, do some heavy duty cleaning and arrange supplies and home goods to help them feel at home. This does require physical work and you will be asked to give several hours of your time on a Saturday to work as a team.

Arrival schedules for these families is sporadic and the call for help will be short notice over the next few months. After you register for a team, you will get notification of upcoming projects and serve on your schedule.

Register To Help

If you are unable to help with the physical set up of a home, you can help by donating any of the supplies listed here.

Donations can be dropped off at CCC.

Contact [email protected] to arrange furniture and large item drop off times.

[click here for a printable PDF]

Everything MUST be CLEAN/Washed, not stained, AND in WORKING ORDER.  ONLY items listed, please.