Overview of Summit #1

October 1, 2020 | Gregg Caruso
Journey Wall Chapters & Lessons

Overall Title: Finding Balance – Like a Pendulum After Visiting Both Extremes

Part 1—Charismatic Years (1970-2000)

1.    A Dream Comes to Life (1970-1985)

2.    A Foundation Laid (1986-2000)

Part 2—Purpose Driven Years (2000-2016)

3.    New Beginnings (2000-2012)

4.    Finding Our Way (2012-2019)

5.    God’s Gracious Humbling (2016-2019)

Part 3—Fresh Focus and Hope (2019—Present)

Lessons Learned (the good, the bad, and the ugly)
  • A deep and gracious generosity has been present since the beginning
  • Change has often been dictated (sometimes feeling like ripping off a band-aid)
  • Transitions have often been abrupt and painful
  • CCC congregants accept change well yet leaders haven’t always led/handled change well
  • Lack of humble reflection along the way
  • Lack of leadership training and development
  • Some leaders left CCC hurt creating the need for reconciliation
  • When we’ve been brought to our knees God has always moved powerfully
  • Poor communication in general—and particularly regarding (most major) transitions
  • Lack of organizational systems and follow through to achieve vision, sometimes caused siloed people and ministries (See Jud 2:11; 17:6; 21:25; Pro 21:2, “each person doing what is right in his own eyes”?), which has resulted in a lack of unified focus in some seasons of our history.
  • Through it all, we have seen God’s faithfulness.

Strengths from the VCM Report

All factors considered CCC seems to be in good shape from a diagnostic perspective. You have many, many strengths to build on and celebrate! One thing that is very clear is that you really love your church! Many congregants at CCC are committed and engaged in the life of the church; 91% of you are willing to serve one hour or more a week in the church. You have a high commitment to children and youth ministries, both of which are highly rated (81-85%). Your youth are integrated into the church well and serve; they love this church and ministry! CCC is doing well at attracting and including new people; guest services (89%) and Beginnings (86%) are the highest-rated ministries and nearly 45% (44.5.%) of survey respondents are new attenders (<5 years), which is excellent. Your facility is well-kept and cared for. Additionally, your leaders are well respected and well received. Lastly, you have a lot of hope for your future! 93% of you believe that CCC has excellent potential for growth!

Taproot issue from VCM Report: “You have been directed, transitioned, and changed; surveyed, and questioned; tweaked and told; over promised and underdelivered so many times it has left you as a church feeling disorganized, confused, and out of the loop. This has led to a slow, subtle drift from who God has intended you to be.

Possible Core Values? (We’re looking to identify 3-5 that affirm and identify CCC’s uniqueness)

1.    The Gospel (we never outgrow our need for the gospel)?
2.    Spirit and Truth—living in the tension of doctrinal truth and wholehearted worship (Doctrine + Doxology)?  
3.    Generosity?
4.    Kindness, welcoming, hospitality, and inclusion?
5.    Children and youth?
6.    Spiritual formation/discipleship?
7.    Continuous renewal?
8.    Trained, equipped, and mobilized to serve
9.    Holy expectation for God to move in love and power?
10. Mission both near and far?
11. ?


Everyone lives a way of life, we just believe Jesus teaches the best way. Use this simple tool to apply the teachings of Jesus to three major areas of your life.