Outline of Our Ephesians Series

Outline of Our Ephesians Series

September 13, 2020 | Gregg Caruso

Grace to KNOW and Grace to GO

Ephesians – Pt. 1: Grace to KNOW

  1. Intro + Prologue and Praise 1:1-14 (9/13/20) Big Idea: Who we are “in Christ” and the blessings accorded therein. Paul’s run-on sentence—we experience him experiencing God. Good doctrine is not just about “head knowledge,” it’s about both head and heart engaging with God. (Chris)
  2. Paul’s Prayer 1:15-23 (9/20/20) Big Idea: Prayer for insight and understanding of the wonder and majesty of God—and what has been DONE through Christ (not what we must DO). We see our need for God’s sovereignty to enlighten the eyes of our heart.
  3. Made Alive in Christ 2:1-10 (9/27/20) Big Idea: In this passage, Paul paints a vivid contrast between what humans are by nature and what we can become by grace (Stott, 69). 
  4. The racial unity that is found in Christ, 2:11-3:13 (10/4/20) Big Idea: The gospel is intended to break down barriers and unite hearts in profound ways. 
  5. The Mystery 3:14-21 (10/11/20) Big Idea: Four power-packed (Trinitarian) prayers to strengthen the inner lives of believers. This is one of this epistle’s many references to the Trinity (cf. 1:13–14; 2:18, 20–22: 3:14–17; 4:4–6; 5:18–20; 6:10–18). Our lives would be richer if the doctrine of the Trinity did more to inform our prayers, praise, and practice. The Father planned salvation, the Son accomplishes salvation, and the Holy Spirit applies salvation.

Ephesians – Pt. 2: Grace to Go

  1. Activating Grace, Pt. 1) 4:1-16 (10/18/20) Big Idea: Viewing grace as a source of power to change and grow. The role of leaders to “equip” God’s people for service.  We are to aim at becoming mature enough to “speak the truth in love” to one another.
  2. Activating Grace, Pt. 2 4:17-32 (10/25/20) Big Idea: Grace to grow in Christ and “put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we can let go of bitterness, rage, anger, etc.
  3. Activating Grace, Pt. 3 5:1-20 (11/1/20) Big Idea: “Wake up” to God’s grace to grow and become more like Christ. Understanding God’s will and why we need to be (continually) filled with God’s Holy Spirit (because we leak J)
  4. Family responsibilities 5:21-6:4 (11/8/20) Big Idea: Grace to grow a strong marriage and family through mutual submission and sacrificial love.
  5. Social responsibilities 6:5-9 (11/15/20) Big Idea: Whole-hearted service in our vocation. (We may want to also acknowledge and repent of the evil of slavery in our nation’s history as well as draw attention to contemporary human trafficking issues.)
  6. Spiritual Warfare + Conclusion 6:10-24 (11/22/20) Big Idea: Grace for strength and power to fight the good fight of faith (see also 1 Tim 6:12).


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