Linda’s Prayer for Community Covenant Church

July 11, 2021 | Gregg Caruso

Prayer for Community Covenant Church

Trustworthy Father,
As we gather today to praise the good work of Your hand in this church family, we rejoice that You have made a way forward through the pandemic while equipping Community Covenant for this new season of fruitful ministry. Refresh the souls of all who have served and encouraged others. Strengthen the hearts of so many who are still struggling through loss, anxiety, and hardship. Keep them under the shadow of Your wing where Your redeeming love restores our soul. As we reconnect the bond of fellowship, may we receive with faith and open hands the future You have for Community Covenant.

In this new season, grace us all with a time of green pastures as we welcome Pastor Josh and his family. May they wear Your yoke, Lord Jesus, and not the yoke of our expectations and preferences. Continue to rest Your good hand upon our relationships and the leadership of Community Covenant Church both in word and in deed as we supremely treasure Jesus and live into the gospel together. For from Him originates this Good News, which is for all people; and, in which we stand! We ask these things in the glorious name of Jesus.  Amen. 

With love from Gregg and Linda Caruso

July 11, 2021

References to Scripture (in order from left to right)

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