Having A Lifestyle Of Rest
Sermon Recap

Having A Lifestyle Of Rest

January 28, 2019 | Ron Ware

Within A Lifestyle of Rest, We:

  1. Make Time (for God, Yourself, & Others)
    1. Facets of His Kingdom and our character & spiritual life are humility & obedience
    2. Some examples are: Sabbath, solitude, meditation, reflection, & journaling
  2. Take Notice (of God, & of people, places, and things)
    1. Facets of His Kingdom and our character & spiritual l life are: honor, respect, & gratitude
    2. Some examples are: alertness, awareness, & engagement


Life-Application Thoughts

  • Sabbath moments
  • Walks, talks, dinners, games, visits, music, sleep, exercise, health, fitness
  • Scripture reading, regular devotion time, and journaling
  • Prayer of Jabez – Bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, please keep Your hand upon me, and keep me from evil so I may not cause anyone pain
  • Self-helps, reminders, and accountability (laptop stickers, kitchen whiteboard)
  • Gratitude (One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp)
  • Sharing the Gospel – Is there any more important conversation we could be hoping to have, learning how to have well, and actively seeking opportunities for?
  • Serving real needs (so many examples, teachers with a sense of calling and purpose, medical professionals or any professionals with purpose, doing our respective jobs for an audience of one and asking for the opportunity to impact one life for Christ every day, fostering vulnerable children, caring for the homeless, prison ministry, drug addiction, single parenting, and whatever need God is revealing to you personally, on and on and on. . .


Everyone lives a way of life, we just believe Jesus teaches the best way. Use this simple tool to apply the teachings of Jesus to three major areas of your life.