Elder Nominations

April 29, 2021 | Gregg Caruso
After a 6-month Elder Nominee Cohort consisting of training, dialogue, and relationship building with our current elders, the following four people have been nominated by our current elders to be added to the Eldership Team. They have been vetted theologically and now it is time to invite our congregation to see them, hear a bit of their story, and let the elders know how you have experienced them both within our fellowship as well as out in the marketplace. Please contact the Elders at [email protected] with either affirmations or concerns. Your input can be kept confidential if you’d prefer. To read a fairly comprehensive overview of the role of an Elder at CCC click here

David Odle
I came to Christ at a very young age at the Assembly of God church I was raised in. I continued to follow Jesus and was led to attend and graduate bible school at World Harvest Bible Institute in Ohio.  I was very involved in the Columbus Vineyard Church after graduating and it was there at a young adult retreat that I met my wonderful wife, Andrea.  We moved back to Rhode Island and we discovered CCC in 2002.  We happily joined the church and have been active on the hospitality team as well as participating regularly in home groups.  We are excited about helping lead CCC into the future.

Hannah Clifton

I was born and raised in a Christian home, my family attended church and Sunday school throughout my childhood, and I loved going to Christian summer camps. It was at one such camp, as a 7-year-old, that I formally asked Jesus to come into my heart and be my Savior.
From that moment, my life has been a continuous journey of faith. As I have matured in my relationship with God, I have been learning to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. He led me to Gordon College, then to France, then into teaching. In 2006, He led me to my husband, Brett.  We married in 2007, and have two boys, Rhys (8) and Zachary (5). In the fall of 2015, we were actively searching for a church with a great Sunday school program. I had previously attended MOPS at CCC, and my experiences at those meetings led me to believe that it was a church where we could find not only a great kid’s program, but also a supportive, encouraging Christian community. It was through listening to the guiding of the Holy Spirit (together) that we found a worship and fellowship home at CCC.
Throughout my church experiences, I have served in many roles. These have included being a member of a worship team, volunteering at VBS, serving on the Vestry (at an Anglican church), hosting coffee hours, and chaperoning youth group events.  At CCC, I led MOPS for a year, was a greeter in the Beginnings lobby, served on the Creative Arts Team, and helped out at Summer Challenge. Additionally, Brett and I have participated in and led small groups since the spring of 2016.
Last fall, when I was approached about this opportunity, I was asked if I “aspired” to be an elder. The word “aspire” caught my attention. My answer then (and also today) is a resounding no. I do not “aspire” to be an elder. However, if the Holy Spirit is prompting my heart, and God is calling me into this role for my next serving season, how could I possibly say no?

Nancy Maguire Heath
Recently widowed, Greg and I started attending CCC in 2006. I have come to love this community and its authentic heart for the world.
I was baptized at age 14. Grew up as a lay pastor’s daughter in a very close-knit church community. At college, I was challenged to do something real with the privilege I grew up with of knowing Jesus my whole life. At that point, my faith became a passion of my own, intellectually and spiritually, not just something that my family expected of me.
I am trilingual (Portuguese, English, and American Sign Language) and currently am employed as the Director of Rhode Island School for the Deaf in Providence. I have served God’s people in various capacities at several churches over many years (Superintendent of Sunday School, Women’s Retreat Planner, Small Group Leader, Teachers Training Teachers in Haiti, Deaconess visiting the elderly, sick and homebound, and Church kitchen organizer and worker.)  
I am an avid reader, particularly interested in how we can break out of traditional religious “scripts” and come alongside others in this fragmented world to reflect God’s love and to offer true hope. I love to talk to individuals who are on a personal faith journey no matter what it looks like.
My spiritual gifts are focused around faith, encouragement, discernment, service and wisdom. Oh, and I love to quilt!

Steve Iacobbo
I have been attending Community Covenant Church for over 25 years. In that time, I have served in the technology areas helping to set up the first CCC website and the original email system, served on the financial team, and occasionally led various study groups. More recently I have worked with the youth, I recently served as the Facilitator of the Search Team, and currently serve on the online church production team.



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