CCC Town Hall Meeting – Sept 22, 2019

September 23, 2019 | Gregg Caruso

The primary reason for me being here is to be with you as you seek the Lord for His heart for your next season of fruitful ministry.  One of my main roles is to ask clarifying questions along the way to help CCC make the best use of this transition season.  I would see this transition season as an opportunity—to get to know God and one another better.  One of my areas of experience is systems and infrastructure development (think about your skeletal system or the framing of a house…), so that is some of what we will try to accomplish along the way.  Following are some things that we are working on behind the scenes… 

  1. Sign-up for an input session! You can go as a couple or as an individual.
  2. We are going to conduct mid-career assessments for Chris, Frank, and Barbara. We’d like to come alongside them and help them to think and pray about where they’re at and what’s the best next steps for them.
  3. We want to update office systems and communication, and, therefore we will be staffing a part-time office person. It needs to be someone with experience because we will be starting from scratch.  I hope to post a job description by the end of the week.  You can email [email protected] if you’re interested.
  4. We have already begun to update our governance model. Elders concern themselves primarily with three things: Doctrine, Direction/Vision, and Discipline.  The elders want to move to a place of greater clarity regarding how to appropriately hold the Lead Pastor (LP) accountable.  The goal is for both the LP and the Staff to have “high freedom AND high accountability.”  For a concise overview of Policy Governance click here.  And if you like to see a copy of CCC’s policies you can email a request to [email protected]
  5. We want to build several more ministry teams. It’s a common belief in churches our size that the staff is hired to DO the ministry, when in actuality, according to the NT the main role of the staff is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Eph 4:12).
  6. We are seeking to put together a Financial Advisory Board (FAB) to give wise input on how, we, as a church, can best steward our assets and financial resources. I asked the staff and elders for nominations and some of you will receive an email from me about this opportunity.  If you have a strong financial background or if you’re an attorney you can send an email to [email protected] and I will contact you.
  7. We also want to build a preaching team. More and more churches are adopting this model.  And since beginning in Nov, I’ll only be here for two Sunday’s a month, we want to invest in those who may have a call—and the capacity—to preach. 
  8. Other teams, we’re looking to build or strengthen include:
    1. Family Ministry teams:
      • Team Leader and 6 additional volunteers for the Beginnings (nursery ages 6-36 months)
      • Support: Greeting Team Volunteers (beginnings & lower level)
      • VIP Kids volunteers (2nd service only—this is more childcare but we’d like people who are willing to silently pray for the kids as they serve)
      • Mid-week Setup Team for Curriculum and Room Prep (no Sunday morning commitment)
      • Child-Care Team (an on-call team for special events, programs outside of Sunday mornings.  (e.g. Financial Peace, workshops, special services, church-wide meetings, etc.)
    2. Volunteer Coordinator—someone with excellent admin skills to come alongside our volunteers to make sure they get trained and equipped to serve well. This person would not necessarily DO the training but make sure volunteers GET trained well.  This will be a position that we will eventually want to staff.
    3. The Creative Team is in need of some photographers.  I’m looking for some people with a basic knowledge of photography who can take pictures during Sunday mornings.
    4. The Cleaning Team could use a few more people, especially some who can do periodic but routinely scheduled a deep cleaning, and steam cleaning of rugs, and window washing.
      • We also could use someone extra after Sunday gatherings to collect and dispose of trash.
      • The outside landscape team is in need of people who can cut grass, weed whack, trim hedges and bushes and do general cleanup around the property.
      • We could use people, who know how to paint and do minor repairs. We could also use someone who has an electrical license for various projects.
      • We could use a few people who can set up and tear down for special events and every week set up and tear down youth space in the café.
      • The Winter Weather Team could use people who can shovel, snow blow, add ice melt and someone who has a plow truck who can assist us during and after snow events.


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